To in-house or to outsource? Although the decision to move your IT infrastructure services in-house (or to outsource to an IT service provider) is not clear-cut, the size of your business will determine whether you’re even in the ball park to consider bringing this service in-house…

 insourcing or outsourcing

2 questions to ask before taking on an in-house IT team

Life’s full of questions. So, let’s single ‘em down. Here are 2 questions that we believe will give you insight into what’s best for your business…

1. Can one, or even two, internal employees match the capabilities and knowledge of a team of IT professionals who are constantly leveraging their communal knowledge? And, any IT team worth its salt is powered by its members’ experience from multiple and diverse environments.

2. When you’re trying to get a positive return on your in-house IT investment (as you do), are you able to invest more in order to keep your internal resources happy and motivated? After all, your people are your business.


3 reasons why we think outsourcing is smart

As an IT service provider, and hopefully as your IT partner, our views are quite simply pro-outsourcing. Surprise. But why? Because outsourcing to a credible and successful IT partner simply makes sense for your business…

  1. In a B2B IT service agreement, when outsourcing, you wont have to manage typical HR challenges like annual leave. And, importantly, you won’t face the loss of specific expertise and processes when an employee moves into another opportunity.
  2. The arithmetic is obvious: x dollars outsourced gets y hours of expertise while x dollars of salary gets a full time employee. However, experience surely trumps arithmetic because you’ll ultimately get a better return for your dollar by outsourcing.
  3. IT is not rocket science; very few organisations use IT systems at the cutting-edge of technology. Nonetheless, the time and effort required to keep up with just the current technology is still significant – and therefore expensive.


What the IT in-house vs. outhouse debate boils down to

Ultimately, the choice is simple: take on the challenge internally or, outsource it and use the remaining time to do what your organisation does best. And who could argue with that.

Even if you begin with in-house IT resources, you’ll always reach a point where you need to get external expertise. So why not outsource to the experts from the start?

If this makes as much sense to you as it does to us, we’d love to chat. Give us a ring on +61 2 9386 2900 to hear how you can tap into our extensive IT expertise and maximise your time to excel your business.

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May 7, 2013

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