Must-have productivity apps for people on the go

If your job means being on the road or in the air most of the time, you know how challenging it can be to keep both your personal and professional worlds organised. In an ideal world, you would have a fantastic personal assistant keeping everything running. However, for the majority of mobile workers, that’s not going to be a reality!
What you do have is a smartphone – and with the help of today’s productivity-boosting business apps, you can turn your handheld into not one, but several digital assistants that fit right into your pocket.

Meet your exclusive scribe

So, you are driving in your car on the way to a meeting and suddenly it hits you: you forgot to add a key point to the presentation you’re about to give!

Instead of pulling off the road and jotting it down to make sure you don’t forget it again, we’ve got another solution for you. It’s called “Google Keep”. This note-taking app allows you to verbally annotate a thought and turns that recording into text. Once you arrive at your meeting, just copy and paste the text into your PowerPoint.

Google Keep is also great for typing notes directly and storing them for later. The interface is clean, it’s very user-friendly and best of all, it colour-codes your notes based on topic, date or importance. You can even turn notes into quick checklists that allow you to keep track of your progress.

An accountant – in your pocket

If you’re constantly on the go, you probably don’t have the luxury of a great office filing system to keep all your expenses in one place.

That is, until you get “Certify Mobile” – this handy accounting app helps you track all your expenses while you’re on the go. Simply take a photo of your receipt, and the app automatically places it into fields such as name, amount and category.

And if you’re prone to going over budget, this app can provide you with a warning as you venture closer to your limit. Now find an accountant that will do that.

Your logistics manager has arrived

Successfully coordinating and organising your own time when you are on the road is no easy task. Now imagine having to do that for a whole team of people!

“Tripit” is an app that helps you plan your whole itinerary and stay on schedule – everything from airline, rental car and hotel reservations to directions, maps and weather forecasts for multiple destinations. Plus, “Tripit for Teams” enables you to sync up that itinerary with your colleagues. That way, instead of you doing all the organising and coordinating, Tripit does it for you.

Your valet awaits

The following has probably happened more times than you’d care to remember: you come out of an exhausting meeting and walk into the giant parking garage where you parked your car. There’s only one problem: you don’t have the foggiest idea of where exactly you parked it!

“Car Locator” is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve installed the app, all you need to do when you find yourself in the above mentioned situation, is press a button. It will locate your car and guide you to exactly where you parked it, providing of course that you tag the car location before you leave the carpark!

One tiny device, a team of amazing assistants

Who would have known that with these smart apps, your smartphone could be the key to a more productive, more organised and less stressful business day? Check out these – and other productivity apps – to make your next business trip a snap.

Posted by Systemnet

April 21, 2014

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