From picking up bread and milk to covering your share of dinner, the way you pay for everyday staples just changed forever…

Made possible by the convergence of world-class technologies, Commonwealth Bank have the world’s first ‘Tap and Pay’ service with Samsung Galaxy S4′s embedded NFC technology that enables mobile payment at any MasterCard® PayPassTM terminal worldwide.

Driven by demand for more convenient ways to pay for things on the go, Tap & Pay will remove the need to carry cash and cards, enabling contactless payments with a simple tap of your phone.

How it works

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone* it’s as simple as downloading the new CommBank app and then turning on the Tap & Pay function. Once on, you can make payments at more than 220,000 PayPass merchant terminals globally.

Tap & Pay

With Tap & Pay you no longer need to worry about taking your wallet everywhere you go. You can grab breakfast on the way to work without having to dig around in your pocket for change, buy an ice cream at the beach without your wallet, or quickly pay for a taxi at a contactless terminal.

Not only does Tap & Pay provide another convenient way to pay, it’s secure and puts you fully in control. You can choose which account to pay from and turn it on and off from your app, at any time.

Is this worth getting?

If you already have a compatible phone then go for it. The technology has the backing of the Commonwealth Bank so you are well protected. If you don’t own a compatible phone then don’t rush out and by a Samsung Galaxy because we suspect this technology will be coming your way soon.

Posted by Systemnet

January 24, 2014

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