Life’s only certainties? Death, taxes and the fact that tech geeks love talking tech. So, we’ve decided to launch our own Systemnet blog where we’ll do exactly that – talk tech. But we’re going to cut through the sticky IT jargon…

Yes, we’re bringing IT speak to your party with latest product reviews, nifty office IT tips, bite-size case studies, important trends and how-tos that’ll help you understand your IT monkey a little better.

We’re really excited to launch our blog because it’ll epitomise everything Systemnet: our desire to make your IT solution more understandable, and safer with us. We’re interested in sharing helpful advice, answering your most pressing questions and showing you that we’re on top of your business’ IT needs.

Stick around for articles on everything from BYOD best practices and cloud computing must-knows to back-up and disaster recovery solutions for SMEs. Information snacks. Relevant updates. Stuff you want to know.

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Posted by Systemnet

March 19, 2013

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