Despite recently celebrating its eleventh birthday XP is still the second most common Windows Operating System in Australia & New Zealand after Windows 7. But it’s showing its age. Here are 5 good reasons why you need to bite the bullet and upgrade to the latest Windows software:

    1. Support – Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014. This means there will be no more updates, patches or fixes for known issues.


    2. Reliability – Windows XP isn’t as easy to repair as it’s younger siblings when things go wrong. Most PCs installed with XP are now quite old and they are more likely to develop faults. The net result is greater disruption to your business.


    3. Compatibility – Nowadays, new software is developed and tested on Windows 7 and 8 but not necessarily tested on XP. This means you run the risk of installing new software that is unstable on your aging PC and may cause it to crash more often.


    4. Security – It can no longer be said that your XP software is adequately protecting you against the latest Internet nasties. XP is much less secure than the latest Windows version which leaves you more vulnerable to exploits.


    5. Performance – The latest Windows versions are generally faster than XP. Over a month you’ll save hours of productivity by using Windows 7/8 because it boots up much more quickly and runs programs with less delay.

Upgrading from XP is relatively straight forward but first make sure your favourite programs are windows 7/8 compatible. Naturally your files, settings and folder structures need to be backed up prior to upgrading.

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Posted by Systemnet

October 10, 2013

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